HP9885 8" floppy unit

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Date: Wed Apr 9 15:34:00 2003


   I was the one that brought up the subject of the slots. IIRC the 380 only has DIO-II slots. The 98622 fits in a DIO-1 (usually just called DIO) slot. If so then you'll need the "slot upgrade". I have the "HP A1401a DIO-I Slot Upgrade Installation Guide". This is a slot converter for the HP 9000 400 series computers but I think it may be identical to the one used for the 300 series computers. There's not much to it, just a frame the fits in the DIO-II slot. It has a wide ribbon cable to plugs into the DIO-II connector and that has a DIO-I connector on the other end. I've seen these in some the 300 sereis computers that I've looked at so I don't think it would be hard to find one. I MAY have one in one of my 300s but I haven't looked.


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>> Sergio,
>Thank you for the your interest, Joe :-)
>Your information is VERY valuable. Only rests the problem of the Bus Slots
>the HP9000/380. While the previous 200 and 300 Series appear to have "edge"
>my 380 have these that somebody named here "Euro Slots" or something so.
>Somebody talked too about some kind of slot conversor. What's about this ?
>Thanks and Greetings
>Best Regards
>> Are you still interested in connecting a HP 9885 to your HP 9000/380?
>I've been going through some of my old HP manuals and I've found a lot more
>info. You definitely need the HP 98622 GPIO interface. The standard 98622
>has a 50 pin female Ampenol connector (ie "SCSI" connector) and you'll have
>to make you're own cable. But if you find a 98622 option 002 interface it
>already has a 0.8m cable and connector for the 9885 disk drive. It also has
>the jumpers already set for use with the 9885 drive. The 98622 jumpers
>should be set as follows; BSY and BSY 0; PCL, PFLG, PSTS, HSHK, DIN, DOUT,
>RD, RDY, RD, RDY all set to 1. I know there appear to be some duplcates in
>the lists above but that's the way they're shown in the 98622 manual. I
>have the pin outs of the 98622 but I don't have them for the 9885. At least
>I don't have them readily available.
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