From: Tim Shoppa <>
Date: Wed Apr 9 16:40:01 2003

>>They've got some other neat stuff, like the 5x7 LED arrays that HP
>>used in their desktop calculator machinery.

>Do you mean the 4-character displays used in the 9820 and 9830? If so, I
>know people who are looking for spares of those.

I don't know if they're identical (I owned a 9830 but never had to
fix it), but they are very superficially very similar. The data sheets
and application notes for the HP parts that BG Micro sells are at

as the document for BG Micro part number ACS1076.

I use these hooked to a PIC to make custom alphanumeric displays.

They suck power like it's before the 1973 energy crisis :-)

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