ADM Terminal = Televideo Terminal?

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Wed Apr 9 20:20:00 2003

Hi All

I used to work for Televideo. They are still alive and kicking, Their
offices are now in San Jose, CA.

They currently have a line of thin clients. no longer do they do

Televideo started out as a Monitor manufacturer (their logo is a cube
made of monitor screens)
Then they branched out into terminals.
Next they had a line of 8 bit computers running cpm
Next they had a line of PC-Clone computers running DOS and SCO (in the
They added a line of add on boards (Zuckerboards). Funny name, because
guy and his wife who made the zuckerboards charged up corporate credit
cards before
they split.

Televideo no longer makes terminals or computer systems except the
Cyrix based thin client.
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