TRS-80 Madness

From: Christopher McNabb <>
Date: Thu Apr 10 09:52:00 2003

On Thu, Apr 10, 2003 at 04:21:33PM +0200, SPC wrote:
> I approach the occasion... Someone know about one Tandy system with Xenix
> installed ? I saw some of these in eBay months ago and I should like to get
> one some day.

Back in the early part of the last decade I had a Tandy 6000 that had
Microsoft Xenix installed on an external 20Meg Harddrive. It also had
two eight inch floppies. It was larger than a normal PC, but smaller
than a rack mount system. I also had several Tandy terminals to go with
it. These looked like the 6K, but had no "brains" in them.

Alas, the Tandy 6K is another one of those machines I wish I had never
gotten rid of, along with the IMSAI 8008 I sold for 50 bucks back in the
mid eighties.

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