TRS-80 Madness

From: Mike <>
Date: Thu Apr 10 10:14:12 2003

From: SPC <>
> I approach the occasion... Someone know about one Tandy system with Xenix
> installed ? I saw some of these in eBay months ago and I should like to
> one some day.

I have a few 16 and 6000 crates. The 16 I played with last was having a
failure to (visually) communicate even though the raster was there. I
pulled the cards and didnt see anything obvious and the cards reseat didn't
help so the junk factor is a little higher, but hey, one of (or with parts
of one of) the others might...

I had a few extra 6000 keyboards, Owen, but some dude in Canada has borrowed
them for a data rescue and I haven't seen them back yet.


> Thanks and Greetings
> Best Regards
> Sergio
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