TRS-80 Madness

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Apr 10 11:20:00 2003

> > To me it looks like just another TRS-80 model 4, with some common
> > software. Which, to me, means that it's worth quite a bit less than
> > what it's going for:
> >
> > (For those non-web-inclined, it's at $510 with 3.7 hrs left)

> > Is this just a fluke, or have these things gone up a lot in value since I
> > last looked at them? My guess, is of course, 'just eBay prices,' but even
> > on eBay, I rarely see pricing *that far* off what I'd expect.

> I once sold a common Apple /// for $510. I think sometimes it's just a
> matter of being in the right place at the right time.

Well, there's a saying:
'Every day one idiot gets up, all you have to do
(to be successful) is to find him'....
looks like your apple /// and this TRS M4 whent to
the respective one on each day... The biding of this
computernews80 guy was AFAICT reasonable.


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