The very first personal computers - How many are left?

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Date: Thu Apr 10 22:34:01 2003

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Erik S. Klein wrote:

> > I think the list posted is representative of a not so mature
> collector.
> I don't know if maturity has anything to do with it. I think the other
> names mentioned are just more recognizable (or heralded, as you said).
> Why? Because the machines mentioned had more of an impact on the
> industry or they were more advertised or more common or all of the
> above.

First, when I say "maturity" I mean in the sense of becoming more involved
as a computer collector and learning more about the history. I know when
I first started to collect in earnest I wanted nothing more than an IMSAI
8080. I now realize there are far more interesting machines from the same

The machines mentioned did indeed have a significant impact on the future
of the industry, but it neglects many more machines that were equally (if
not more) significant.

> People collect what they are excited about and that usually doesn't
> include more obscure machines.

Yes, but I tend to see it more as the difference between fad collecting
and collecting based on learned knowledge of the history.

> I have hundreds of computer magazines from the seventies and eighties.
> I rarely see an ad for HP 9830 but I see ads for IMSAI, Altair and other
> mentioned machines a ton.

You're not reading the right journals.

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