Tandon LT/386

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Fri Apr 11 13:29:00 2003

I have a Tandon LT/386 laptop here.

I really don't think I want it. I've had it for a while, I was given it a
number of years ago. I was going to use it to connect to my phone system
as a programming station, but I never could get it to connect properly
(the phone system is a little picky about what computers it lets
connect). And now I have an old 486 laptop serving that duty anyway.

According to the label on the back, it is a 16 MHz system, with a 40 MB
HDD. There is also a 3.5 HD FDD, a serial port, parallel port, 2 PS/2
ports, VGA, and some kind of expansion slot. Memory test at boot only
shows 1024 K of RAM (could be a config issue however, first boot said the
config was bad and needed to be reset)

I don't know if the battery holds a charge (I seem to recall when it was
given to me, I was told it has a brand new battery, but I got it so long
ago, I'm not positive, nor can I say if the battery is still any good). I
have it plugged in right now to see if it will charge.

The HDD is rather loud, and the screen (black and white) is sucky...
really sucky. But the thing boots to the HDD (DOS 6.22 is on it right
now, along with a few other odds and ends... all internal software,
nothing really confidential, so I doubt I will blank it).

I might also have the carrying case, and the manual around here somewhere
(although if I have the case, I may keep it as I could use an extra
laptop bag).

If anyone wants the thing, its up for grabs (just cover shipping). Since
I'm trying to scrounge up as many pennies as possible (trying to buy a
house), if for some bizzare reason I get more than one person that wants
it... it will go to whoever gives me the best offer for it (best offer
can be trading of stuff... I like Apple/Mac stuff... but I really need
money more than I need additional toys).

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