Amiga 2000 "Video Toaster Powered"

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sat Apr 12 17:03:01 2003

   I ran across an Amiga 2000 yesterday, with the front of the case
silk-screened "Video Toaster Powered". No cables, keyboard, docs, or
anything else, but the price was right.
   The motherboard is probably junk. The battery has leaked and etched
a pretty large area, plus the GVP 030 accelerator (A3001) has dumped
rubber sludge on the board. The rubber button on the back of the board
*melted* and ran like hot fudge. shows the button
intact. Beware; that's a half-meg pic.

   There is a RAM-32 daughterboard, too, with 2x 4MB SIMMs,

  and a GVP SCSI hardcard with a 340MB drive and no DRAMs installed.
   The Video Toaster boardset is labeled v1.0, but there's a sticker
that reads "Eval Board 08/90" It's cabled to a Faruodja Labs board, a
"Y/C Separator Board".

Also installed are 2 ISA cards by RGB Computers and Video.

   The short card I have has only 3 BNC connectors - positions 1. 3, and
5, and the long card has only the bottom two.

   I have another working 2000, so I could replace the motherboard, but
I'm not sure I'd gain anything. I have a bunch of questions. I'm not
really an "Amiga person", so don't assume any reasonable level of prior

   Where the heck is the video out? I know zip about Video Toaster and
even less about the Amilink adapters. All the online documentation
assumes I know the basics, like how to hook the durned thing up....
   Are there docs for the original VT? Software?
   I have an OpalVision, with documentation and software. Which is the
better board for general futzing around? For animation & graphics?
   Any docs or software at all for the Amilink setup?
   Are the SIMMs for the A3001 unobtainium? I have a 33MHz CSI
"Derringer 030" in the other 2000, but I don't like the clearance
between the top of the accelerator and the drive bay - basically none.
Plus, a 50MHz 68030 would be much nicer than a 33MHz. The hardware
database page claims that the RAM-32 board needs 4x 1MB SIMMs installed
to use the 2 4MB sticks, but this one just has 2x 4MB in the top two
slots. Is the database page smoking crack?
   I haven't seen any pics or mention of the A2000 with the Toaster
label on front. I get the impression that this machine is pretty much
original - that it wasn't built a piece at a time. Anyone know
anything about that?

        Thanks. Any pointers or help would be appreciated.
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