Amiga 2000 "Video Toaster Powered"

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sat Apr 12 17:47:00 2003

On Saturday, April 12, 2003, at 05:30 PM, Patrick Finnegan wrote:

> If it's in there, it's a card on the opposite side of the power supply
> from the other cards in the machine. Should have 6 BNC connectors on
> it,
> the bottom two are Program and Preview outputs (I *think* in that
> order,
> can never remember).

   Oh, yeah, the board set is there. I just can't find any specific
diagrams or instructions.
>> Are there docs for the original VT? Software?
> I've got some of each, contact me off-list.


> Never heard of that. The VideoToaster is good for (live) video
> switching/effects, titling, and that's about all. There's a 3D
> animation
> package, but you're probably better off with a good modern PC with a
> good
> video card. Things take AGES to render on something that slow.

   If I want to do serious rendering, I'll probably fire up the
AS2100A.... This is strictly a toy.

>> Are the SIMMs for the A3001 unobtainium? I have a 33MHz CSI
> Those look a lot like 72pin SIMM slots. Have you tried parity or
> non-parity 72pin SIMMS from a PC or MAC yet?

   No, they're a proprietary form factor. 64-pin, IIRC. Bigger than
30-pin, smaller than 72-pin. Bah!

>> "Derringer 030" in the other 2000, but I don't like the clearance
>> between the top of the accelerator and the drive bay - basically none.
> That's what electrical tape is for...

   It's more a matter of ventilation than insulation. I'm sort of
paranoid about processors with no room for airflow.

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