DECstation 5000 vs Decserver 5000

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Date: Sun Apr 13 16:51:21 2003

No difference at all. You can put a framebuffer in a DECsystem 5000 and
it becomes a DECstation 5000. When you bought a CPU upgrade from DEC, you
would get two faceplates. One that says DECstation and one that says

They're MIPS-based. If you tell me what model it is, I can give you more
information. You don't need to run Ultrix on them. If you want to run a
more modern OS, you can run NetBSD/pmax on them. I have a *lot* of these
machines. They're pretty nice. I've run them for years at home.

You should just be able to do something like boot -s #/vmunix or something
like that. Check and click on Supported
Hardware or something like that. It should have more information than you
would even need.

Peace... Sridhar

On Sat, 12 Apr 2003, Fred deBros wrote:

> Hi
> I have a bunch of these boxen, storage boxen with Ultrix included.
> Looks like the decserver runs serial to a VT only, no framebuffer. What
> other differences are there?
> Any good info source?
> I plan to get them going, so I will have to crack the pwd...something
> like starting in single user-mode...i lost the ref, anybody have a trick
> here?
> Fred
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