HH drives

From: Bryan Blackburn <oldcomp_at_cox.net>
Date: Sun Apr 13 16:52:10 2003

I have had a number of requests for this so I thought it would be
easiest to put it up on a web page for anyone interested. If you are
worried about the copyright, send your money to the address provided in
the software! ;-)

Spinrite is available for download at http://members.cox.net/oldcomp2/
save this file to a bootable floppy and run it from the command prompt.
It has been at least 10-12 years since I have used it, so I can't
remember the details. Just read through the menus to see what it can do.
Good luck!

This link will be available for at least 7 days, but not much longer.
Download it now if you think you will ever need it!

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