Piracy was Re: HH drives

From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Sun Apr 13 22:17:00 2003

Good grief, talk about changing the subject. My comment was based on
making SpinRite available to listmembers at no charge. I doubt anyone
here is stupid enough to think that SpinRite is not a readily available
commercial product.

"R. D. Davis" wrote:
> Quothe chris, from writings of Sun, Apr 13, 2003 at 08:35:55PM -0400:
> > but... shouldn't "pirating" be something that IS condoned on this list?
> > At least under the idea of "abandonware". After all, without some degree
> Definitely! If software is needed and no longer available from the
> manufacturer or other "legal" sources, then, why should it be
> considered wrong to duplicate it for others who need it? To not
> make such software available, in many cases, would mean that many
> classic computers would become unusable and we couldn't preserve
> them properly.
> > of software piracy, it is highly unlikely that a good chunk of the
> > hardware this list is interested in would have any useful software
> > available to it.
> Which is further proof that you're correct in asking your original
> question and should not be flamed.
> > I very much support the idea of abondonware, and I would think that idea
> > is very much in this list's interest. However, it is in many cases still
> > piracy.
> I like the position that DEC, and some other companies, took on
> computers being used by hobbyists who had illegal posession of
> unlicenced operating systems, etc.: "just look the other way... those
> hobbyists, who aren't costing us anything, and who can't afford our
> software now, may grow to like our products even more and turn out to
> be paying customers some day when they work for, or have, a business
> that can buy our software and hardware."
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