Piracy was Re: HH drives

From: Stan Pietkiewicz <pietstan_at_rogers.com>
Date: Sun Apr 13 22:58:01 2003

Check grc.com for information on SpinRite 5......

It appears that Gibson Research is back...

Bryan Blackburn wrote:

> I'm not suggesting it is! What I am subtly suggesting, is that if you
> think the company is still in business, or would still recognize the
> product name, send them a check. More power to you! I stopped using the
> software when the hardware it was specifically designed to work with
> became obsolete, well over a decade ago. (Probably about a year or two
> after the company went out of business.)
> -Bryan
>> Spinrite is NOT shareware which is what you are suggesting by your
>> comment.
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