OT: Toy Chevy's

From: James E. LaBarre <jamesl_at_bestweb.net>
Date: Mon Apr 14 09:58:00 2003

R. D. Davis wrote:
> Quothe Erik S. Klein, from writings of Sat, Apr 12, 2003 at 04:54:17PM -0700:
>>Gary Dean Hildebrand writes:
>>>the winning bidder probably has several Corvettes too -- and all they
>>are > is a plastic Chevy.
>>Bite your tongue, heathen! :)
> Hey, isn't a Corvette a Chevy that isn't strong enough to move around
> with a steel body? I heard they had to use fiberglass to make it
> capable of reasonable performance for a Chevy.

The explanation I've heard was that the production numbers on the
Corvette were too small to make stamped body panels cost effective.
Apparently for smaller runs, fiberglass molding is cheaper. Wouldn't
know what production numbers are now, and if the cost factors are the
same, but I'm sure that there'd be a big outcry from purists if GM tried
to go to metal bodies.
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