Wyse 386, was: Re: HH drives

From: Rob O'Donnell <classiccmp.org_at_irrelevant.fsnet.co.uk>
Date: Mon Apr 14 16:29:01 2003

At 10:50 14/04/2003 +1200, Alan Greenstreet wrote:

>This machine has no BIOS that I can interrogate (I got the date from
>running scandisk from a later version of MSDOS) - On boot-up (using the
>floppy) it is asking for a Setup Disk (this could be what you mention
>above). I don't have this disk so if you can find it I'd like a copy...

OK, I had a rummage around and found a box of discs at the bottom of a
filing cabinet! Wyse setup discs, and a DOS tools disc, along with other
miscellaneous stuff.. All on 5.25". I've dragged them home, along with a
suitable drive, and as soon as I can fit it into a PC I'll read the discs
and post the relevant files up somewhere.

>Mine has an st-251-1 and an unbranded model installed and there appears to
>be one controller for both the hard drives and the floppy disks. It also
>has a 5.25" and a 3.5" floppy drives installed. Internally the machine is
>in good condition but from the outside it looks as if it has had a hard
>life. I was trying to get it up and running to use it as a test bed for
>other MFM controlled disks (as it has two HD bays and 3 FD bays).

they were pretty solid machines ... weighed a ton, too...

>>Has yours got that natty (but impractical) LCD display on the front?
>Yes! What was that for? It doesn't appear to be working at the moment (it
>does power up) - I am assuming that once the Setup disk is run this might
>come back to life?

As far as I remember, it showed the stuff you'd expect to see as LEDs on a
PC - turbo status, flashing "C" for hard drive access, etc. I /think/ you
could get it to show the time, too..

Wyse are still going - http://www.wyse.com. But they seem to concentrate
on WinTerms now - even the "discontinued products" pages has newer stuff on
them than I ever used of theirs!

I have some Wyse serial terminals (WY-120 I think) in a box buried
somewhere, plus a (XT style) keyboard off a 286 if anybody wants them.


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