Harrassment by list member

From: Doc Shipley <doc_at_mdrconsult.com>
Date: Mon Apr 14 19:19:00 2003

On Monday, April 14, 2003, at 02:24 PM, Al Hartman wrote:

> I am still being harrassed once again by Sellam.

   I find myself in the highly amusing position of siding with Sellam,
sort of.

   I refuse to take seriously anything that is quoted out of context.
You haven't posted his entire messages, nor the full text of your own
side of the exchange.
   You did mention in your previous post that you *had* used the term
"Islamic Idiot", "although not referring to Sellam himself." Al, that
was pretty dumb, at best, and malicious at worst. Especially
considering that Sellam is well and widely known for trumping with the
race card, and for being very sensitive concerning his heritage.

> I am posting this to the list so that members can
> observe for themselves the behavior of one of it's
> members...

   We all know how Sellam behaves on list, and many of us have been
exposed to his behavior off list. I vote "not interested" There's
enough crap here without dragging up more from outside.
   You know who the maintainer is, if you have a problem with someone's
behavior on the list. You evidently know also how to contact Sellam's
ISP. If you're being threatened, I suggest contacting your local LEA.
But none of what you've posted here is useful here, and it comes off as
simple character assassination.

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