OT?: low tech computer.

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Mon Apr 14 21:33:00 2003

>I got sent this from a list, I thought it was funny.

Ok, what OS does it run? It says Intel Inside, but has an ADB Mac Mouse
connected... humm... I thought Apple's only Intel based OS was an early
version of Rhapsody... and that ran on standard Intel compatible
hardware, so no ADB mouse (could be an internal build of OS X for Intel,
but that still wouldn't use an ADB mouse).

Humm... NeXTStep maybe, using a Mac mouse as a replacement... they used
ADB on some model NeXT boxes, didn't they? Color is right for a NeXT Cube.

Er.. ok, I have officially taken this too seriously.

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