Old Computer Books - what to do? (fwd)

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Date: Tue Apr 15 14:37:01 2003

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>From: Patrick Connors <pmc_at_finger-rock.com>
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Subject: Old Computer Books - what to do?

I'm about to do a Major Purge of my library. Part of that library is a
collection of old microcomputer books (catalog not yet available -
I'll post a pointer when it becomes available), which I kept around
for historical purposes. We're talking, Apple II; the original TRS-80,
and a big basket of random Bytes and Amiga magazines. Possibly even a
Creative Computing or two.

Since I'm never going to start a proper historical computer library,
I'd like to offer these books to interested parties. Not looking for
money or even recognition* here, just space on my bookshelves and Less
Stuff to Manage.

It was suggested elsewhere that I try here. Also, ebay and half.com have
already been mentiioned as possibilities, but I'm after the shelf space
not the money.

Any ideas? And, yes, interested individuals may apply.

 - Patrick Connors, lost in his own library, never to return...

*My ego claims otherwise and points out that recognition is good,
where applicable. My wallet will accept reimbursement for shipping, if
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