Newspaper layout/typsetting (was Re: new gifts)

From: Steve Jones <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 17:37:00 2003

> They also seem to bear the name of an aftermarket supplier -
> Systems Industries?- and some sort of system name, which I cannot
> remember, but suggests typesetting.

May be the Atex (?) system, which I understand was very popular and
is still hanging on in some corners.

I've got some pictures around here somewhere from one datacenter of
a major metro New York area newspaper showing racks of what I believe
are rebadged pdp-11/x4's (they look recent, so maybe /84, /94, or one
of the goosed third party CPUs) dedicated to running Atex terminals
in newsrooms.

The systems are using some reasonably modern storage system - might
even be 3.5" form factor. But I wasn't in a position to inspect any-
thing too closely.

If I run across the snapshots I'll scan them and put them up
somewhere for grins.

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