PDP-11 Freeware CDs for RSX-11 and RT-11 (Originally Produced by Tim Shoppa)

From: Jerome H. Fine <jhfinepw4z_at_compsys.to>
Date: Tue Apr 15 17:43:00 2003

The last two times I posted this, another person contacted
me either for help or to request the CDs. This will be the
last time for about 6 months unless more people reply.

In regard to the Freeware CDs for RSX-11 and RT-11
that Tim Shoppa originally produced:

I am in the middle of finishing a second (very small) batch
of CDs and could easily add a few additional copies.

I will be making all copies of the CD images from:

Since not everyone has both a high speed internet connection
and a CD burner, I thought it would be helpful to make them
available. If you have both requirements and are using
Windows 98 SE / Nero Burning, I can help with the details
if you don't know how to burn a CD from an "Image File".

I have even been able to produce a label for each
CD that is close to the original label from Tim Shoppa,
although since they were scanned (THANK YOU
FOR THE HELP), they are not perfect.

They are available at $ 5 / $ 9 / $ 12 for 1 / 2 / 3 CDs.

In addition, I understand that Memorex Black CD-Rs have a
longer shelf life and are available at Business Depot. If anyone
wants those instead, add $ 1 for each CD that you are
requesting. Thus those amounts are $ 6 / $ 11 / $ 15

Please contact me directly for my snail mail address.

I picked up some Memorex Black CD-R blanks and started
on the copies for those who have already requested that a
Black CD-R be used.

Please include your mailing address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In general, I will regard any funds you send as a gift so that if
anyone really can't afford the CDs, please state why that is so.

Outside of the US, probably about $ 2 should be sufficient
for extra postage. All amounts are in US dollars. Please ask
if you are not in the US. No point in converting twice.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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