DEC newbie (was need caddy for RRD-42DA CD-ROM drive)

From: jmd <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 17:55:14 2003


i have 2 of these caddies. there is a store in redondo beach ca that had
stacks of them. i don't know if they still do.i can check for you if you
need some. they were top loading. i can part with mine if necessary but
they do go with 2 plextor 4x cdroms.

jeff duncan

hi ethan....ltns. been off this list for a while.... good to see you are
still here. say hi to franco, jim etc at yin yeu (sp?)

> Well, that's a relief. Can you point me to a source for these common caddies?
> I have ZERO experience with DEC equipment but recently acquired a VaxStation
> 3100 m76, with the specific goal in mind of gaining familiarity with DEC gear
> and VMS. I'll be pestering the list with a lot of newbie questions as things
> progress . . .
> Later --
> Glen
> 0/0
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