Some Cool Sun stuff Today

From: John Boffemmyer IV <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 21:44:18 2003

hey Keys, if memory serves me correctly, on some "hacking" site I passed by
a year ago, I recall seeing something of mention on SPARCserver
backdoors/admin overrides. I'll look to see if I can find the site again,
it may help you get back in without having to beat the machine to hell out
of frustration, grin.
-John Boffemmyer IV
At 09:12 PM 4/15/2003, you wrote:
>At a local Goodwill I picked up the following:
>A Sun external tape drive PN 595-1711-01 model 411.
>A Sun SPARCserver 20 model 544 with 2-20gig HD's, 256 MB memory and loaded
>with software but I have no password to login with.
>A Sun SPARCstation 10 model 144 can't get it to boot up.
>A Sun type 6 keyboard.
>A Burroughs desk top computer power supply external black brick.

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