Kenbak-1 pictures

From: Erik S. Klein <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 22:06:00 2003

That is one great machine! The site is very well done also!

There must be a great story to the acquisition, right? How did you run
across such a rare computer?

   Erik Klein

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Subject: Kenbak-1 pictures

Hi again,

here is the link to my website. I posted a few pictures of the Kenbak-1
the manual. I will update the page in the next few days with a few
that I found out about the Kenbak computer history as well as other
related to the Kenbak-1.

Here is the link:

just follow the Kenbak-1 exhibit link on the main page or click on the
"computers" button and scroll down to Kenbak.

Again if anybody has information about the Kenbak computer or owns one
or a
manual, please contact me.

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