dec 5000 questions

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Tue Apr 15 22:19:00 2003

On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, Fred deBros wrote:

> I tried pulling the framebuffer card out go!
> Do kbd and mouse work with this cable? Should!

No, there's a bunch of DEC 'keyboard/mouse' cables that have a 15pin
connector, each with a different pinout. Don't ask me why.

> And where oh where do I get the 3pin to 3bnc cable from? Ebay? What's it
> called?

The '3pin' connector is probably a 3W3. I'd try either eBay, finding
someone on the list with a spare, or your favorite surplus equipment

> I thought about getting some radioshack powersupply plugs that fit into
> the 3pin socket and make 3 coaxcables with them. Any other way to
> juryrig the 3pin connector of the vlc4000 and this turbochannel card -d
> and -f type?

You could just solder new connector(s) onto the framebuffer... if you
don't mind modifying it.

> AND: Does netbsd 1.6/pmax or its X really work with these framebuffers
> and allow a GUI? In which case I'll dump Ultrix of course.

I'm fairly sure that it doesn't, but you could probably find out by
looking on their website - they probably have a supported hardware list
for the port.

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