Backdoor- WasRe: Some Cool Sun stuff Today

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Apr 16 08:58:00 2003

--- Doc Shipley <> wrote:
> Best way is to boot single-user from the install CD, mount the root
> filesystem, and edit relevant password files. Breaking in without the
> CD is a serious PITA.

Easiest way without a CD is to install the root drive into another
Sun box, mount it and edit the shadow file. :-)

There's other techniques if the NVRAM has a password and the boot
device is set to something you don't have (like those $5 SPARCclassics
I got from the university the year before last - had to set up a
network boot to get them up and running to use the eeprom command to
clear the password).

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