Where can one find 2.5 inch floppy disks, and other odd sizes

From: Deano Calver <deano_at_rattie.demon.co.uk>
Date: Wed Apr 16 10:43:00 2003

Kurtk7 wrote:
> example has become a challenge for me. Since 3" disks were popular
> with the Sinclair systems, these can be had off Ebay, but what of the
> rest? Its a personal quest to one one copy of every type of
> removable media and if anyone has any ideas, sources, information, it
> would be most appreciated. I hope to post the collection to a
> website as I don't think it has been done.

To be correct Amstrad liked 3" discs not Sinclair, when Amstrad brought
Sinclair they added them to the Spectrum. Sinclair liked Microdrives.

Nintendo 64 DD drives use weird disks. 4x4x0.4 inch discs holding 64Mb with
variable writable range (from 1-38Mb), it was only released in Japan.

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