Wyse 700 not 800

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Date: Wed Apr 16 13:48:00 2003

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> It was also sold as the Amdek 1280. Try to find a newer version of the
> drivers (I doubt that I can find mine). There were drivers available
> through Windoze 3.10, as well as drivers for Xerox Ventura, etc. The 1280
> x 800 mode was one of the best of its time.

I used one in a XT about 1990. Great monitor. However I think the monitor is
a Wyse 700 not an 800 if you are looking for drivers. Originally with a
matching 8 bit ISA double card IIRC.

They also made a 19" 7XXX series of High res mono white monitors.

Astoria, OR
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