FWD: Try this security update from Microsoft. (fwd)

From: Kevin Handy <kth_at_srv.net>
Date: Wed Apr 16 19:04:00 2003

Patrick Rigney wrote:

>I'd guess this is part of an earnest, recently-launched campaign that I
>think might be even more generic. I have of late received many (all
I've been getting such emails for months, but they have been blocked
by my ISP's virus scanners. It's not new, but seems to becomming more
common lately.

MicroSoft does NOT email updates, so any such e-mails you get are
99 and 44/100% going to be a virus. Never trust emailed updates
without verifying that they are legitimate, and from the original source
(in this case MicroSoft).

>deMIMEd) emails with similar content from several people who I know for a
>fact are not on cctalk. It may well be, however, that one of us accidently
>was infected by its payload, and that payload is now emailing everyone in
>that person's address book. I know a lot of people who use Outlook's "Put
>everyone I reply to in my Address Book" feature, which would then easily
>result in this effect, particularly for someone who has been on the list for
>a while and carried on a few off-list conversations.
>In any case, it seems to be going around. The most recent I received, just
>this morning, came under the guise of being a virus
>scanner/remover/innoculator for Klez that should be run immediately, "before
>infecting [sic] can occur." Riiiiight...
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