HP storage formats on ss80 protocol disks

From: Peter Brown <peterbrown10_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu Apr 17 07:55:52 2003

Hi Joe, Bill, Tony,

Sorry for the delay in replying - the 'proper' job takes precedence

Joe - bit of a typo on my part the 9133 appears to be CS/80. Can you
explain the differences between CS/80 and SS/80? I seem to remember that CS
stands for Command Set and SS stands for Sub Set but other than my lack of
knowledge is complete.

I have an HP 1000 based system (the 5451c) that runs 7900 and 7906 drives -
are these CS/80 based too? It would be useful if I could back the software
up on these.

I think that the HP ISA card just allowed you to put DOS partitions on HPIB
disks not read partitions in other formats.

How can I tell if the drive is from an HP 9000 200 or an HP 9000 300 series
system? Do you still have your HP LIF foramt description document? - any
chance of a copy?

Bill - Thanks for clarifying the HP 88500A harware capabilities

Tony - thanks for the pointers with the LIF format.

I took your byte tables and overlaid them with the data blocks that I am
pulling off the disk and they agree very well (all of the record position /
record length values seem to be correct).

I have a few questions.

The volumme label / descriptor block, bytes 16-19, returns a directory
length of 1 but when I directory the disk I get around 280 filenames. A
directory of one block would only support 32 files - where am I going wrong?

In the tracks per surface, Number of surfaces, Records per track fields I
get all zeros - does this just mean that the drive does not report them?

What is the LIF file structure for text files?

Thanks for your replies


Peter Brown

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