List posting..Maybe I missed something

From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Thu Apr 17 11:49:00 2003

On Thursday, April 17, 2003, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, Robert Borsuk wrote:
> > I have to ask this. I subscribe to both lists. Whenever I post it always
> > goes to both lists, how can I change this?
> The only way you could be sending messages to both lists is if you are
> putting cctalk and cctech in your To: field.

Wrong. No matter if you send it to cctalk or cctech (or even classiccmp),
it *always* goes to both lists. There is no way for people to send to just
one of them. Please read my previous post in this thread.

If you put both cctalk and cctech in the To: field, you're sending a
duplicate post; it goes to both lists twice.

> Sometimes messages come across the list that have both cctech and cctalk
> in the reply-to: field. Make sure when you reply you select one or the
> other.

Actually, it doesn't matter to which address you reply. It automatically
goes to both lists.

This is one more sign that I really need to dust off the new FAQ and finish
it. :-)

Jeffrey Sharp
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