Wanted: TRS-80 PC-2 Pocket Computer Plotter pens

From: Jeffrey S. Worley <Technoid_at_30below.com>
Date: Thu Apr 17 13:27:00 2003

B&C Computervisions in California not only has a LOT of plotters, but
knows quite well about the gear problem.

IIRC, the plotters are common in mechanism between Atari, Commodore, and
Radio Shack. I think they were made by Alps? They differ somewhat in
case and interface, but otherwise parts interchange readily.

Anawho, we are probably talking about this plotter which mechanism is
the same as that of the Atari 1020. It is a 40-column plotter which has
four pens, black, red, blue and green esconced in a revolving cylinder
not unlike that of a 4shot Derringer pistol and which prints on a 4" or
so roll of register paper.

The pens, paper, and parts for the plotter are all available new at B&C.

If we are talking about the same plotter, then off you go.
Otherwise.... errr... disregard this message and the pedant behind it's




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Please post the source, if you find one. I have an Atari plotter
and a Commodore plotter (model 1520) that use the same mechanism
and the same pens.

What I could _really_ use is a source of the gear that fits directly
on the X and Y motor shafts. I have tried going to local RC car and
model train shops, but they don't carry gears. This thread has come
up before, but I still don't know how to sit down and accurately
determine the physical characteristics of these gears to the
satsifaction of a mail-order gear vendor. I can mic the shaft, I
can count teeth, but the rest eludes me.

I did buy a handful of plot engines from a surplus house. 80%
had fractured gears. :-(

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