Wanted: TRS-80 PC-2 Pocket Computer Plotter pens

From: Jeffrey S. Worley <Technoid_at_30below.com>
Date: Fri Apr 18 11:33:00 2003

Why is cannibalizing the new printers not an option? If you can replace
the whole mech with a new one for $19.00 or so, why not do that? Is it
that the gears once installed are damages by de-installing them? I can
see how that could be.



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> > but I still don't know how to sit down and accurately
> > determine the physical characteristics of these gears
> Look up gears/gearing in Machinery's Handbook for a definition
> of all the defining parameters for gears.

That's a nice tip, but could you go one step further and give
the complete title of a book I could go to the Library Reference
section and ask for? I'm not being a smartass; I'm just fairly
ignorant about the mechanical aspects of moving parts.

Now, if you'd said "look up *foo* in the CRC", I'd just go down
to my bookshelf and pull out my copy. I have no such things
for mechanical engineering, just EE and a tid bit of chemistry.


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