Now tape drive was Re: Cranking up a HP 7914.

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Fri Apr 18 15:29:01 2003

Joe <> wrote:
> Anybody know if these use the same tapes as the HP
> 9144/7942/7946? Also if the 9144/7942/7946s can read the 7914 tapes?

Yes and yes, up to a point. They do use HP 88140 tapes (and may take
3M DC6xxHC tapes too).

I don't think you can easily use the 791x/4x standalone disk->tape
backups to restore the image to another model of drive. For that
matter, I'm not sure what the drive writes on them in the course of a
standalone backup or whether the drive will permit user-level read
access to the standalone backup media. I don't see any reason why it
wouldn't, except for notions about security, but then I'm pretty sure
these drives will write to some regions of the tape even if you've set
the write-protect knob to "protect" -- so I think they're too smart
for their own good.

-Frank McConnell
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