PDP-11 Freeware CDs for RSX-11 and RT-11 (Originally Produced by Tim Shoppa)

From: William R. Buckley <wrb_at_wrbuckley.com>
Date: Sat Apr 19 13:35:00 2003


Frankly, I would like to obtain these CD's but, my current
economic condition is such that I cannot now afford them,
and I really do not want to burden others. The collapse of
the software industry has hit us all pretty hard, with those
of us in California experiencing a continuing downward trend.
When things pick-up, I expect to then place such an order.
In fact, at that time I may well be in the position to obtain
high=speed wireless access from a local provider, and can
then both make my own copies, and provide some mirroring to
the data.

As you will recall, I had earlier posted to the list questions
regarding requests I had made to Tim Shoppa which he had not
responded to, and so I wondered if Tim was still around and
working to provide the content you now provide. I do feel for
you in that you have taken up the charge but, others seem not
to show interest.

So you know, my mailing address is

William R. Buckley
POBox 292728
Phelan CA 92329-2728

My preferred email address is

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