Seeking good home(s) for old hardware [UK]

From: Hills Paul <>
Date: Sat Apr 19 13:38:43 2003

I would love to take the SWTP6809 system. I already have an SWTP6800 that I acquired recently.

Getting on 20 years ago I built a 6809 based computer from a series running in the UK magazine "Electronics & Computing Monthly", called the 77/68 system. This was based on the SWTP stuff but was marketed through a company called Stirling Microsystems in Baker Street, London. Does anyone else here remember that system? There's one reference to it on a Google search here:, although now even that link isn't working anymore. Was I the only person ever to build it?!!!

I never got it working, and I think my parents must have chucked it all out unfortunately, although I've still got all the docs including circuit diagram and hex dumps.


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Here's something of possible interest to rightpondians.


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Can anyone provide any suggestions, flippant or otherwise, as to where
I might seek new homes for some old kit that has been cluttering my
attic for many years? My wife is putting her foot down, and frankly I
am never going to do anything with it. I am paring down my collection
of old computers and peripherals to a few that I will actually use,
and trying to find people who will actually use the others.

So I need homes for:

* SWTPC 6809 computer. Main unit, disk unit inc. 8 1/2" Qume floppy
drive, Western digital harddisk controller but no HDD. VDU/terminal
(not working). Used to run Uniflex (but I don't have this, since the
hard disk crashed and there were no originals provided). I have all
the hardware and software manuals. I have seen this computer working
but it has been stored a long time.

* Remex paper tape reader/writer (works as far as I know, but I don't
have the cables for it).

* Diablo daisy wheel (have seen it working but about 17 years ago!)

It's a long shot, but somebody may be able to help. I can provide
more details if anyone is interested. Mail me at jpcc "at" bigfoot
"dot" com if you prefer. I am in the UK.
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