to list and a couple questions.

From: Gary Dean Hildebrand <>
Date: Sat Apr 19 16:16:00 2003

Mike Shaw writes:

> Hey there! I hope this isn't bad form but I'm new to the list and just
> wanted to put my collecting needs out there and ask a question or two.
> Currently I'm partial to anything TRS-80, PCjr, or PC XT related. But
> I'm also trying to fill in some gaps with Commodore , TI 99, and Apple
> II(e).
> Also, where do y'all find most of your stuff? There's always ebay, but
> that's usually at a premium. I've thought about notifying some of the
> local auction houses to keep an eye out.

First, welcome to our little world and hope you enjoy your stay.

I've found some of my goodies at hamfests, and very rarely at computer swap
meets, as most computer vendors try to get the latest stuff they can.
Sometimes Goodwill or other thrist stores might have something interesting.
Mostly it is a matter of keeping eyes and ears open. Quite often people
will simply give stuff away rather than trying to deal with disposal.
Auctions can be good; my girlfriend got me several dot matrix printers, a
VGA monitor, and odds and ends of PC stuff for . . . $1.00. And another
good place is a computer recycling outfit, or office surplus organization,
if any are nearby.

Gary HIldebrand WA7KKP
St. Joseph, MO
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