5.25" drive identification

From: Jeffrey S. Worley <Technoid_at_30below.com>
Date: Sat Apr 19 22:20:00 2003

Boy, I'm so glad that is settled. Now I know how to identify any 5.25"
mech just by the color of the faceplate and soldermask on the pcb.

Wow. Why didn't I ever think of that?

Until this moment, I've been using silly things like model numbers,
testing, and something no one has yet mentioned:

        The step rate marked on the stepper in degrees. Sometime this
can yield a clue.



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The beige faceplate on 360K is yellower than on 1.2M

360K has jumpers for drive 0,1,2,3; 1.2M has jumpers for A,B

360K has a screen that is usually white on black; 1.2M has a screen that
is white on blue. (If it bluescreens, then the drive is a 1.2M)
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