help! how to recover water logged floppies?

From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Sun Apr 20 09:43:00 2003


"Chandra Bajpai" <> said:

> I had a small accident in my basement a couple of days ago and in
> cleaning everything out I discovered an old box of 5.25 TRS-80/Heathkit
> floppies with all my old stuff on them were damp with water. I let them
> air dry overnight, but some of them still don't spin freely.
> What can I do to recover these disks - I hate to lose them. What sort of
> damage does water cause to floppies?

I had something similar happen many years ago. I removed damaged disks
from their sleeves, washed and dried them, and put each in turn into
a clean new sleeve which I'd cut open and removed the disk from.
This let me copy all the data off the damaged disks. Of course all the
disks were then scrap, but the data was saved onto new disks.

Stan Barr
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