help! how to recover water logged floppies?

From: Erik S. Klein <>
Date: Sun Apr 20 11:32:00 2003

The suggestion to remove the disks from the damaged sleeves, clean the
media carefully and then place them in a "new" sleeve for data recovery
is good.

I did the same with some PC disks a dozen years ago or more and had no
difficulties with any of the media.

When I was done I tried a little experiment and placed the media alone
in the drive without a sleeve. It worked that was as well, although I
wouldn't recommend it for more then entertainment value. I can imagine
the flex on the disk isn't good for it. . .

Good luck!

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Subject: help! how to recover water logged floppies?

I had a small accident in my basement a couple of days ago and in
cleaning everything out I discovered an old box of 5.25 TRS-80/Heathkit
floppies with all my old stuff on them were damp with water. I let them
air dry overnight, but some of them still don't spin freely.
What can I do to recover these disks - I hate to lose them. What sort of
damage does water cause to floppies?
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