need CP/M boot disks

From: Roger Bisson <>
Date: Mon Apr 21 11:21:00 2003

I have an original set of Epson QX-10 boot disks (plus
original owners manual) - although I was intending to
scan the manual, I haven't had an opportunity to do

I also do not have a QX-10 or any suitable equipment
to make copies of the disks available through archives
such as

If there is anybody with the time, and inclination to
preserve and make the disks and available to
enthusiasts online ... please contact me.

Best regards,


Roger Bisson,,
6 & 8 Sand Street,
St. Helier,
Channel Islands

 --- wrote: > I was told that Don
Maslin can help me with boot
> disks for some old CP/M
> computers. I need boot disks for the following:
> Morrow Micro Decision MD 1
> Epson QX-10
> several different Kaypro models
> I tried to make a boot disk for the Morrow using
> 22disk and the 'STDCPM22'
> file at ''. 22disk did not have
> a file format for the
> Morrow MD 1, so I used the format for the Morrow MD
> 2. (As far as I have
> been able to find out, the MD1 had full height
> floppy disk drives and the
> MD2 had half-height drives, but they were the same
> capacity). When I tried
> to use the floppy to boot the computer, it would
> spin for about 15 seconds,
> then the computer would reboot.
> I was making the boot disk on a computer which had a
> 360K floppy drive.
> Thanks!
> xtguy
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