PIP problem solved on Apple ][ CP/M

From: Vintage Computer Festival <vcf_at_siconic.com>
Date: Mon Apr 21 13:40:00 2003

I was finally able to devote some time to my Apple CP/M issues and figured
it out.

It turns out that the version of MS CP/M that I'm using has got the device
identifiers correct, even though Steve Hirsch warned that they were
reversed in Microsoft's implementation. I apparently have a version where
it is fixed.

I first connected up my laptop to the Super Serial Card in slot #2 and
then tried to PIP RDR:=B:file. I got a message to the effect that the
RDR: device cannot be written to. Then I tried to get slick and use STAT
to change the RDR: device to what PUN: was pointed to. That didn't work.
Then I decided to just try PIPing to the PUN: device and it took, but I
didn't see anything across the serial port.

A little more digging and reading and I verified that, as Steve said, the
Apple ][ CP/M standard is for a serial card in slot 2. In fact, the
documentation I read indicated that the hardware configuration pretty
much matches that of Apple Pascal. So I did a STAT DEV: to show me what
devices were connected where. RDR: was set to PTR: and PUN: was set to
:PTP (presumably Paper Tape Reader and Paper Tape Punch respectively). So
then I did a STAT VAL: to see what the possible connections were for each
device. PUN: could be TTY: PTP: UP1: UP2:

I thought for a second and then figured it would be worth a try to see if
UP2: stood for the device in slot 2. Sure enough it did, and when I tried
a PIP to PUN: it worked.

So I was able to PIP the files directly from disk over the serial port to
my laptop. Very convenient.

There apparently is a utility that allows you to copy files from CP/M
disks to Apple DOS disks but it must have come on a DOS utility disk that
I just don't have.

I'm sure KERMIT or some sort of X-modem protocol was written that would
have made this a lot easier, but I seem to have misplaced my Apple CP/M

Oh well. At least I know how it's done, and this can serve as quick docs
for someone attempting to do the same in the future.

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