HP storage formats on ss80 protocol disks

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Tue Apr 22 08:06:00 2003


   I for one would be very interested in further work on the HP drive reader/writer. I have a lot of old drives around that I'd like to investgate and see what's on them but frequenty you have to have a system/CPU very similar to what they were written on in order to read them. Since that's not always possible your tool would be handy for taking a peek at what kind of files are on the drives before spending a lot of time finding the correct CPU and connecting it. For example I just found a HP-9133VX drive with BTL-200 on it. I want to reformat the drive (SS-80) and try to use it on a HP-85 but the BTL-200 is rare and may be worth saving.

  Which NI card are you using? Can I get a copy of what you have so far?


At 10:13 PM 4/21/03 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>Thanks for the help with LIF formats and CS80 protocol. I now have the bare
>bones of an application working.
>Currently the application runs on a PC fitted with a NI GPIB board.
>It reads LIF formatted hardrives (in my case one of two 9133's that I have)
>extracting the file catalog. A file can then be selected from the catalog
>and its binary image written to the PC's hard drive. This means that I can
>back-up the files on one of the 9133 drives before reformatting it :)
>That's as far as I've got at the moment - it has taken rather longer than I
>had first hoped but seems to be pretty stable now.
>I could write some more code to allow sets of files to be selected from the
>binary images stored on the PC and then written back to the CS80 protocol
>hard drive (either re-formatting the hard drive or appending the new files
>to the existing catalog).
>This would allow easy file interchange (and back-up) for people with CS80 /
>LIF based computers.
>Perhaps a database of binaries / files could be made available on the
>internet to download as required?
>What would the copyright implications be if such a database were made
>Would there be any interest from people with 9000 200 and 300 systems on the
>If there is enough interest I will look doing the extra coding sooner rather
>than putting it on the pile of things that I 'really shoud do one day'.
>Peter Brown
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