Radio Shack/Science Fair bonus

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Apr 22 14:04:00 2003

I recently won an auction described as a "Science Fair Junior
Electronic Lab 10 in 1"... the picture showed a couple of
blue grid boards which were, AFAIK, not part of a 10-in-1

It turns out that in addition to the 10-in-1, there was
an entire (and a partial) "Science Fair Junior Project
Board Kit" (cat no. 28-153) - one manual, two plug boards,
one IC board (14-pin socket + 14 springs) plus a double
handful of mixed loose components.

The components are somewhat interesting from a historical
perspective - there are several flavors of transistor sockets,
several segmented LED displays (some on PCBs as from an LED
calculator, some in DIP form), mercury switches, reed switches,
and a bag of resistors with a "King Kits" card from Poly Paks.

I'm curious if there's a repository of ancient Radio Shack kit
manuals out there - I did not get a manual for the 10-in-1
(cat no. 28-225), but at least I got its box (covered in packing
tape, grrr.)

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