HP storage formats on ss80 protocol disks

From: Peter Brown <peterbrown10_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Apr 22 15:55:00 2003

Hi Joe and Paxton?,


I'm using device level calls to the NI GPIB board via the GPIB-32.DLL so any
NI card that uses this driver should work - that includes NI ISA based cards
(TNT-GPIB etc.), PCI cards (PCI-GPIB - the one that I'm using) and probably
the PCMCIA-GPIB as well.

For the record, my development machine is XP based though any Win32
operating system should be OK.

I'm going to try to tidy the code up a little - if people think that the
idea of making an online catalog of files is a good one then I have no
problem with making this application available to help making it.


Apologies if Paxton is where you live and not your name - I live in the UK
so my knowledge of US place names is a little lacking!

My development machine has two GPIB cards in it both are PCI based - one is
an NI PCI-GPIB card, the other an HP 82350 card.

The NI configuration utility only displays the NI card that is installed in
the machine however the HP utility shows both cards.

It may be that the HP card can be controlled using the NI software but I
haven't tried it yet - I'll have a play this evening.

If the HP PCI based card can be recognised then it is possible that an HP
ISA card would be OK. If not then it should be OK to use an NI ISA based
GPIB card (around $20 on e-bay). I'll let you know how I get on.


Peter Brown

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