Coming up dry for Alps/Radio Shack/Atari/Commodore plotter gears

From: Jeffrey S. Worley <>
Date: Tue Apr 22 16:06:00 2003

I've had good luck with a solid two-part epoxy you can find at most auto
shops - usually right by the register. It comes in a clear plastic
cylinder about 1' in diameter and 3" long. It is grey in color and has
the consistency of putty. The two parts are together already in the
form of a core of one material and a shell of another. You cut off a
piece and knead it til' it is fully mixed. It will get warm and smell
like a ladies' old-style hair 'permanent'. When cured it is heat
resistant enough that I used it to seal the headers on my BMW R60/5, and
strong enough that I've used it in place of metal for lots of repairs in
printers, tape drives, you name it.

I think it is strong enough to make gears out of in that scale. It forms
very well and is cheap as dirt for what it does (about four bucks a
tube). For the gears, I'd let it cure for 24hrs before doing any

I mention this because someone else mentioned JBWeld. JB is a great
product but is liquid which makes it harder to handle and unsuitable for
many of the jobs I've used the more solid product for.



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On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, Ethan Dicks wrote:

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> > Hi
> > As long as the load is not that great, one can whack
> > out the center with a drill and then notch it with a file.
> > The drill needs to be larger than the OD of the inner splins.
> > You then fill the voids with a mixture of epoxie and
> > fiber glass wool...
> That sounds interesting for a large enough gear, but in this case,
> it's about 1/8" in diameter and 5/32" long with a bore of 1/20".
> I don't think I'll be trying to whack and/or notch a chunk of
> plastic that's smaller than a tic-tac.

How about making a silicone mold from an original gear and making copies
of some kind of plastic or epoxy resin?

> -ethan
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