F/U HP 9134A HDD problem

From: RHahm <rhahm_at_nycap.rr.com>
Date: Tue Apr 22 17:06:00 2003


I want to give some follow up on my problem interfacing a 9134A HDD to my HP

Nothing seemed to work and I was about to toss it when I decided to follow
the advice of Alex Knight and vp**.

Alex suggested removing the HDD and trying to initialize each one of the 4
logical drives with the HDD on it's side, "to loosen things up a bit".

I took the top off, and hey, does HP use the biggest darn capacitors you
have ever seen or what? There are two side by side capacitors in there that
look like sticks of dynamite.

Mindful of these I had the first screw holding the drive out when I noticed
under a big dust ball that the ribbon cable connection from the HDD to the
PCB was loose. I pushed it back on and to my delight everything now works
fine! After a little detailing she looks and works great.

Thanks again for your help.

>I am having trouble interfacing an HP 9134 HDD to my HP 85. I have
>other drives without difficulty such as the 9121D so I believe the computer
>is set up properly.

>I recently picked up a 9134A HD. It apparently emulates a 9895A 8" flexible
>drive and 3 slaves each with 1.15MB capacity.

>I set the HP-IB address to zero on the HD and typed MASS STORAGE is
>I then typed CAT and Initialize and keep getting a "Timeout". Also if I
>the 85 on with the HD connected and running and type CAT the HD does not
>respond as my 9121 would without typing a mass storage is command.

>Can I assume the drive is bad or am I using the wrong syntax. The drive
>spins up nicely, and the light comes on but I get that error message and
>disk access light does not come on.

>I hate to toss this drive into the dumpster if it is functional.

>Thank you for your thoughts.

<Bob H
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