Teletype Model 32

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Tue Apr 22 19:04:01 2003

Check for the 33 stuff on:

I'm sure you'll have to paste it back together.


>> Hi All,
>> I received a beautiful Teletype model 32 in today. Unfortunately I
>> wish it ran as good as it looks. It only prints one character no
>> matter what key you press and it won't return from the right hand side.
>> Does anyone have the Technical manual for this beast or know where I
>> can get it from?
>The Model 32 is the 5-level (baudot) version of the Model 33. I believe
>that many of the mechanisms are similar, and that the Model 33 manuals
>(which are on the web somewhere I think) might be of some use. In fact at
>least one of my Model 33 manuals (maybe the parts catalogue) covers the
>Model 32 as well.
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