Stingray card for free to a tech who is smar(er?)

From: Jeffrey S. Worley <>
Date: Wed Apr 23 23:21:01 2003

I would like to offer my Stingray memory card to anyone qualified to fix

I've always had memory problems with my Sparcstation 4/330 and the
stingray is no exception. Suspecting that cold solder joints might be
the root, I resoldered the SIMM connections on this card. Testing shows
this action rendered the card useless. Stingrays being fairly rare, I
offer mine to someone smarter than I am to make it useful again.

All you pay is shipping.

Boy do I feel dumb.

Again, no charge, just send me an envelope or a box and it is yours.



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At 22:08 03/27/2003 -0500, you wrote:
> > In my experience, U.S. clothes dryers don't use twist-lock plugs.
> > I'd expect them to use a NEMA 6-20R or 6-30R non-locking receptacle.
>I have never seen a clothes dryer with a twist lock (but they may be
>For anyone interested in big machines from the 1980s and 90s, L6-30 is
>*very* common plug and socket combination, so salvage them whenever you
>can - they are not cheap. I saved quite a few when I was deinstalling
>old NSFnet RS/6000-T3Bs. I am glad I did.

Yes you are... I had to purchase (1) set of male & female connectors
year -- set me back darned near $60USD!

Roger "Merch" Merchberger
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