COSMAC Elf (was Re: Source of Vintage CPUs...)

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Thu Apr 24 04:31:00 2003

Patrick Rigney wrote:
> its shielding, and found... an RCA CDP1806, two 1852s, an RCA-branded
> 6116, and three other support chips. The label on the 27128 EPROM on
> the board says "(C) 1984".
Wow. Those COSMACs get everywhere - deep space probes, hobby computers,
alarm panels...
Yes, I do have an Elf. Yes, it does have an 1861 VIDC fitted. No, it's not
for sale. It's the first computer I built from scratch, most of the parts
are modern and there's a photo of it on If anyone wants a
better photo or in depth specs of my Elf, let me know. About the only mod
I've made to it is the display - I couldn't get any Hewlett Packard hex
displays so I bought some TI TIL311s and fitted them. For those of you
looking for TIL311s, TI also branded them as "DIS1417". I bought some of
those from a hamfest in October last year and I'm planning to buy more this
year if I see any lying around. They're nice displays, even if they are
power hungry little beasts.

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